“If you’re lonely, bored, or unhappy, remember you are mad young. There is so much time to meet new people and go to new places.” — Ezra Koenig (via sadgurl95)

NiallOfficial: An Irishman , an Englishman and a Welshman went onto a golf course………. @George_North @ben_foden great laugh lads !


And you know what.

Shout out to bisexual individuals who haven’t been in any relationships yet, or have only ever been in a relationship with one gender.

You don’t owe anyone any kind of explanation about your identity.

You are amazing and wondrously bisexual just the way you are.

Harry pulling faces at the “This Is Us” premiere

i’m genuinely scared about screaming zayn’s name while having sex with my future husband




Can y’all quit nutting your pants someone photoshopped Sophia’s face on Lottie’s head she isn’t really blonde

  • Fuckboy: i love you
  • Me: are you rich?
  • Fuckboy: no.....
  • Me: ✔ Seen 8:34