"when will rihanna’s nudes leak?"


Anonymous orgasmed:
I don't understand how you like Sophia and Eleanor but not Perrie. that makes no sense at all


Ok anon. How about you come back to me when El or Sophia call Louis or Liam another culture that’s not their own, maybe Indian. Or when they promote “girl power” by calling young impressionable girls who don’t like them fat, hairy, and stinky. Or maybe when they say they “aren’t feminist because they don’t hate men”. Or maybe when they call young impressionable girls “stupid Louis/Liam fans”. When they do something like that then this ask will be valid.

El and Sophia don’t even talk let alone do anything that would cause me to dislike them. Perrie is in a band so of course I’ve heard her run her mouth, that’s part of her job. But the shit she says is just too simple minded for me.


Bae: so what do u want for ur bday

Me: nothing u are all I need

Me internally: Chanel no. 5, MIU MIU MU 13NS Sunglasses, PRADA Saffiano Cuir twin bag & Alexander Wang Gabi Booties with Rhodium Hardware

@Luke5SOS: drummers know how to make a guitarist feel special #cutedate

Zayn during Teenage Dirtbag - Detroit 16.08

chicago 30.08.14

“I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough.” — I have become rather fearful I suppose.  (via dollpoetry)

zayn being cute while niall is talking 8.14.14